The relationship between Tara and Jey never started nor ended.

Falling in love at the wrong moment, being close when they shouldn’t have been, they choose to distance themselves for the sake of their mutual fears.

But the heart cannot be silenced.

Jey is a man of few words, but many actions and, above all, laughter. He doesn’t want to make his best friend suffer.

So, over the years, neither Max nor Francesco will realize this secret bond, which will never be fully pursued or confessed. But its presence will be palpable and undeniable.

Like an invisible cord.

A connection, deep, intimate, sincere, built on contact and participation.

That no rational decision can erase.

La Farfalla con gli Artigli Cover

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Tara is beautiful, small, fragile, delicate, unattainable. But she only shows her vulnerable side to those who love her. Or those who believe they do.

That’s why, with others, she puts on the facade of a tough exterior, but with Chicco, she lets everything happen, unable to resist.

Francesco, in fact, drinks and, even though he has never laid a hand on her, is violent.

He never misses an opportunity to humiliate her.

But the attraction between them is strong, too strong for Tara to break free from, saving herself from the part of herself that drives her to revisit, in oppressive and devaluing relationships, the story of the violence in her life, which is the cause of her bulimia.

But once she’s on her motorcycle, she manages to forget everything and fly free.

Like a butterfly, she jumps from one memory to another, reliving the most intense moments of her existence in her mind.

And thanks to this latest journey, at the mercy of her thoughts and her love for Jey, she realizes that the best choice is finally letting go of the past, including the present. And she will do so with a cut, contrary to her name, decisively clean.

But not everything is as it seems.

Described through images, like a screenplay, two voices alternate in the narration.

It’s Tara against Tara.

A friend and an enemy to herself.

Beautiful?!? I’ve never felt that way!
Fragile? Perhaps.
Unattainable, no.
I’m just particularly good at weaving distance.
But what wounded animal wouldn’t be?
The only way not to feel pain
is to not feel anything anymore.
Suffocate the soul.
And in that, I’m particularly skilled.

Well, as for everything else, I’d rather not dwell on it.
Especially on your forgetfulness.

The music.


Because you can choose to listen to the imaginative soundtrack that accompanies the novel!
Indelibly tied to the text, you will find quotations of fragments of songs that inspired the chapters themselves and to which they belong.

You can then read those parts and let them resonate within you just for what they are.

Or, with the help of the music itself, you can immerse yourself in each individual chapter and, through the eyes of imagination, project yourself into that magical literary dimension.

As if it were a movie.

the butterfly


I often drive without a destination.

I turn the key, start the engine, and switch off my brain.

All my focus is on the road unfolding like an endless ribbon before my eyes.

And my mind empties.

Focused, present, engaged, free of thoughts.

Desmodronic twin-cylinder meditation.

Paperback 12.90 €